SD ARRANGEMENT - Best Dating Site for Seeking Arrangements With Sugar Daddy/Baby

SDARRANGEMENT.COM is one of the oldest seeking arrangements platforms around, this dating platform’s sole focus is to enable secret arrangements involving sugar babies and sugar daddies. And so, the platform differs from many other available online dating platforms; for example, it is not suitable if you are looking for gay sugar daddies or sugar mummies.

Apart from being one of the oldest platforms offering secret arrangements between sugar daddies and younger women, the platform is also top-rated in its niche. Ever since its launch, this particular seeking arrangements dating site has managed to amass more than 2 million users, with 1.4 million of the users being female sugar babies.

Worth also noting that this dating website has its membership-based in only the top 20 countries with the highest standards of living globally. For this reason, there is a high chance of not only finding legit wealthy men but also gorgeous, educated, and classy sugar babies. Consequently, below we provide you with more features regarding SDARRANGEMENT.

1: Signing Up

To become a member of this particular secret arrangements dating site, you need to register first. The registration process may consume a bit of your effort and time, which is understandable since it ensures that you get a perfect match as possible. You have to provide personal information, a profile headline, and information about you and the potential person you are seeking.

As well, you must provide your profile photo, which you can easily import from Facebook. The photo provided goes through a mandatory approval process lasting different durations.

For verification purposes, you also have to provide valid phone contact.

2: Profile Quality

Members of SDARRANGEMENT have on their profiles the relevant information in the content and field sections/tabs. Most of the members' profiles include three tabs, which are 'Comments', 'Activities', and 'Profiles'.

The tab for Profiles provides information such as the appearance of a member/user, lifestyle, background, and the autobiography composed during signup. The Activities tab displays information concerning activities undertaken by a member, and the Comments tab shows approved comments and testimonials provided by other members.

There is also another tab created when a member takes part in answering 'Fun Questions' from SD Arrangement.

3: Design and Usability

The user interface design of SD Arrangement is simple and straightforward, enabling more comfortable use by members. The various features of this dating site for seeking arrangements with sugar daddy/baby are well organized under category tabs. And using the settings icon, it is possible to initiate any reasonable adjustment.

On the page for performing search results, you can easily find all profiles of members, and the contacting features, in this case, is well denoted with icons.

The website’s background color is white and gray, and also black colors are used to a great effect in creating contrast in different website sections.

There is an app for SDARRANGEMETN named SDM, which apparently may seem as initials of the dating site while, in reality, it represents 'Seek, Date, and Match'. The app offers some levels of convenience, even though it has fewer features compared with the website.

4: Membership Prices

The four membership types available are:

  • Basic: Free

  • 1 Month Premium: $50/Month

  • 3 Months Premium: $30/Month, totaling $90

  • 6 Months Premium: $24/Month, totaling $144

  • For payment options, you can choose between Credit Card, Direct Debit, PayPal, or cash.

    Understand that for a free/basic membership; you can only access limited features; you cannot send messages, use the chat feature, use advanced search filters, etc.

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Benefits from Sugar Daddies When Seeking Secret Arrangements

  • 1. There is privacy in the sugar relationship. Sugar daddies may have a family; and it is, therefore, in their best interests to have a secret sugar relationship.

  • 2. Gifts, trips, attention, and financial assistance. Sugar daddies offer all these and more, and if you are a sugar baby; chances are you will enjoy all these.

  • 3. Sugar daddies are in control. Sugar daddies have commitments elsewhere and are usually busy. They; therefore, set the dates, call, and make all arrangements.

  • 4. It is not a long term relationship. Sugar relationships do not last and can go up to six months. This is perfect for someone who does not want a long term commitment and is only interested in casual dating.

  • 5. If a sugar daddy is incompatible with a sugar baby. he can easily dissolve the relationship without there being any hard feelings. lt is an agreement that doesn't require emotions. It is for fun.

  • 6. Fun and excitement, making the most of your female beauty and youth.

  • 7. He will take care of your debts, rent, and other expenses.

  • 8. You are in charge of the relationship; you can always walk out if no longer interested.

Benefits from Sugar Babies When Seeking Secret Arrangements

  • 1. Sugar babies are hailed for their youth and beauty. They are also exciting and offer good conversation.

  • 2. Sugar babies have no other commitments. Most sugar babies have no husbands or kids, hence focus all attention on their sugar daddies.

  • 3. Sugar babies do not have to bother with the meetup; calling and texting. The sugar daddies make all the necessary arrangements.

  • 4. Sugar babies can list their expectations without feeling shy. Because a sugar relationship is a mutual agreement, a sugar baby has multiple choices to choose from.

  • 5. Most sugar babies are not interested in long term relationships. A sugar daddy can have many sugar babies at the same time.

  • 6. Sugar relationships are perfect for sugar babies in case they have work or school. Sugar relationships are not time-consuming or demanding.

  • 7. Privacy is assured.

  • 8. You will have a no strings attached relationship. There are no worries about responsibility.

  • 9. You can enjoy the company of female beauty and youth and, thus, feel younger again.

  • 10. Get sexual and romantic favors from an attractive woman.

  • 11. Less time consuming since with a sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship, there is no need to care and nurture a relationship. A sugar baby understands that you are a busy man.



  1. The app is user friendly and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

  2. Verified profiles, no fake profiles available for conning users.

  3. Facebook sign-in.

  4. A considerable number of sugar babies to choose from; the ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies is 10:1.

  5. Has users from wealthy nations, and thus, easy to find a wealthy sugar daddy.

  6. There is a provision of first date gift, essential in showing a sugar baby an interest.


  1. No video chat.

  2. Sending messages is for premium users.

  3. Limited search for basic/free users.

The Best USA Cities for Seeking Secret Arrangements

When it comes to the industry of seeking arrangements in the USA, it is a vibrant one; there are tons of young and model-looking females and wealthy men. This situation makes finding and starting a relationship with a sugar baby or sugar daddy easy and simple. While searching for sugar daddies may seem like an arduous task considering their work commitments and lifestyle, which is not the case.

In the USA cities listed below, it has become possible to find wealthy men and beautiful ladies through SDARRANGEMENT and in almost every social gathering, especially in clubs, lounges, and pubs. Below are the best USA cities for those into seeking arrangements for sugar daddies and sugar babies.

  1. Houston

    The city is nicknamed as the capital for Sugar daddies seeking arrangements in Houston. There is a good reason for that. Houston has over 800 sugar daddies, with its neighborhoods having the highest concentration, including downtown Houston, Boulevard Oaks, and Spring

  2. Austin

    Generally, Texas also ranks highest in the list of states or areas with the highest concentration of sugar daddies and sugar babies in the USA. Austin, Texas, is a top city when it comes to finding sugar daddies, with about four sugar daddies available out of every 1000 men.

    Austin best represents what Texas has to offer, particularly when it comes to entertainment, including in the area of seeking arrangements in Austin. Austin is considered the world’s capital in live music, and there are a lot of sporting events and other activities.

  3. Seattle

    Washington is one of the top cities for sugar daddy and sugar baby dating. There are about 3 sugar daddies for every 1000 men. And Seattle is the best city that represents what Washington has to offer, including in seeking arrangements. Sugar daddies for seeking arrangements in Seattle are considered to be among the most generous. There are also many activities to take part in as dating partners, such as partying/clubbing in local entertainment hotspots.

    There are plenty of comedy clubs in Chicago and many other places to visit and meet and make friends with people, including sugar daddies.

  4. Chicago

    The city has been nicknamed the Windy City, better experienced when river cruising. You will enjoy your cocktail in peace while observing the magnificent architectural scenery of the city in the company of your sugar baby or sugar daddy.

  5. Miami

    Miami has tons of sugar daddies always ready to enchant young and hot women with gifts and money in return for sex and companionship. Trust me when I say that money is not an issue for the fine gentlemen found in the Magic City.

    While the majority of sugar daddies are in downtown Miami, other areas such as South Beach, Little Havana, and Design District also have a sizable number of men with money to burn.

In conclusion, SDARRANGEMENT is the best secret arrangements dating site for those looking for sugar baby or sugar daddy in the country. You can find only real; fake profiles are weeded out by a team of experts, sugar daddies, or sugar babies of your particular choice in a more relaxed and faster manner.